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Independent scene?

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Where does the independent scene really end and where does real commercialization begin? And is this distinction necessary to be made or defined exactly?
Nevertheless, it is no doubt interesting to watch existing or imaginary clashes in a situation, when the independent scene does not have to necessarily interfere with the commercialization.
Anyway, inertia plays its role quite reliably; on the one hand the mathematical (although actually erroneous) calculation, on the other hand a sometimes even gritty ideological attitude, hating any pragmatic approach as something killing free creative invention.
To be fair – the music industry has much stronger tools and a very well paid army of lawyers at its disposal, which puts the independent scene into the role of both an outsider and a martyr. And this is exactly the role that some independent music scenes insiders tend to live up more than expected.
Executives of the music industry have always been developing new ways to keep the power in their hands. They are horrified by internet, mp3s etc. and they take quite sofisticated defensive actions. Incredible amount of energy is, in the process, lost for nothing. Some of them begin to understand that their own “pawns” may arise in what is developed within the independent scene. “Pawns”for which they do not have to spend so many costs as P.R. is logically cut down by independent natural selection.

It would therefore be very contra-productive to fight presupposed competitors because the competition may achieve those goals naturally without exerting any effort on any side. And for free. UPLG does not want to be another captain of music industry, nor does it want to step in the line with others who are not content with material world. It just wants to create conditions for communities of artist who have already decided by them own to what category they want to belong to.

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